Refund Policy

Our refund policy helps the Customers to request reimbursement of their payments in the following illustrated scenarios –

If the request does not fit into any of the categories, the Customer can contact the Support Team for a discussion of the situation, and the application will be processed.

Cancellation of Orders

When a Customer chooses to revoke an Order, the following guidelines should be considered:

  • If no Writer has been assigned to the Order prior to cancellation, the Customer will receive a full refund.
  • When a Customer chooses to revoke an Order after a Writer has been assigned, the recompensed amount cannot exceed 70% to cover the Company’s and Writers’ efforts.
  • If a Customer cancels an Order after a Writer has been assigned and half of the deadline has passed, he or she is entitled to a 50% refund.

NOTE: If an Order is canceled, all copyrights revert to the Company, and the Customer is no longer able to use any of the products or drafts that were issued prior to the cancellation.


When the Solution Is Delivered Late

A Difference in Delivery Time In the event of late delivery of a product, the Customer is entitled to compensation, which is calculated in each case separately based on the initial deadline and the time of delay.

  • Long-term Orders (14 days or more) are compensated at a rate of 7%.

If the following conditions are met, the Customer will not be compensated for the delay:

  • The delay was caused by the Customer’s actions. This entails a delay in payment, as well as a delay in obtaining necessary sources or information to complete an Order.
  • The delay was caused by technical difficulties with the Customer’s internet provider, a malfunctioning browser, or other system issues.
  • The customer agreed to a deadline extension, which means he or she voluntarily provided additional time to complete the Order without receiving any compensation.

Poor-Quality Claims

If the Customer is unhappy with the product and requests compensation, the Quality Assurance Team will conduct an investigation. The Customer must provide detailed feedback indicating the mismatch of the Order instructions. The investigation’s findings will determine the basis for resolving the Customer’s claim.

IMPORTANT: If a claim for poor quality is filed and the order has already been sent for revision, compensation will not exceed 70%. This is due to the fact that revision is the act of reviewing, editing, and amending a product. When a Customer submits a Revision Request, the paper is partially confirmed by the Customer.

  • When a claim for compensation receives a poor grade, the case will be considered invalid for compensation. The company’s paper is not ready for submission because it is only meant to be used as a reference.
  • If the paper is claimed to be unoriginal, a “” report is required. Any other report will not be accepted by the Quality Assurance Team for the purpose of conducting an investigation.
  • If a bad quality claim is of a contextual nature and compensation is requested for Editing, proofreading, or formatting Order, no investigation will be conducted. Editing, proofreading, and formatting services do not assume knowledge of the original context.

Details and Preferences of Customers’ Orders

By entering his or her ID number in the ‘Preferred Writer ID’ field on the Order form, the Customer can choose a Writer to work on the Order. By doing so, the Customer acknowledges that the availability of the specific Writer to work on the Order cannot be guaranteed. If this occurs, the Company reserves the right to assign the best available specialist in the Order’s Subject Area, who meets the Preferred Writer’s performance level. The Preferred Writer feature fee is nonrefundable and can only be applied to the Customer’s Credit Balance.

A discount that was not applied will not be compensated. The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that all Order Details, including the “Discount” field, are accurate. The Customer may initiate contact with the Support Team to inquire about the availability of the discount.


  • To submit a compensation request, the Customer must contact the Support Team within two months of the Order’s completion.
  • After five days of required review of the request, the Billing Department will contact the Customer by phone or e-mail with a resolution.
  • In order to properly process the claims, our representative has the authority to request any additional information from the customer.

Processing of Refunds

Within five business days of the confirmation date, the Company will process any received refund confirmation from the Customer. Please note that the Company is not responsible for any Bank Transfer fees, transfer peculiarities, or possible delays caused by Bank service issues.