Terms & Condition

  1. The Terms and Conditions are referred to as the agreement in this regard.
  2. The Organization- Refers to epic assignment that offer assistance in academic writing
  3. The Client- Anyone who offers up Orders to the Firm and adheres to the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Advertising network- The component that enables communication between the client and the Writer or a Customer Support Agent.
  5. Order – A task assigned to the Company by the Customer that includes specific requirements and instructions such as the materials to be used and the closing date.
  6. The Product – It is the non-plagiarized electronic or printed record presented to the client by the Writer and presented in response to the User’s request.
  7. Product Modification – A recommendation by the client to make modifications if he or she is dissatisfied with it, but the changes must be within the scope of the client’s initial request.
  8. Support Team- The Firm’s team of individuals who ensure that the Order process runs smoothly.
  9. Writer- A Company employee who collaborates as a freelancer and is tasked with offering composing services to the Clients in accordance with the Company Agreement.
  10. Individual Credit Balance- This term makes reference to the Customer’s account with the Company. It stores the Customer’s credit points and deposits that are willingly used to finance the Orders, all at the Customer’s decision.
  11. Referral Program- This term relates to special programs launched by the firm to aim existing customers.

Order Completion and Reservation

  • The Client may make an Order on the Company’s website by wrapping up the Application Form.
  • The shipping conditions, statement of work, and Order dimensions are all clearly stated in the Application form. The client is accountable for supplying adequate details in the Application form or to the Company’s Support Staff if the Order form is being filled out on his/her behalf.
  • The Client is instructed to make a portfolio with the Company by providing information such as his or her name, e-mail address, place of residence, and contact details. The Client is responsible for completing his/her profile
  • The Client is not permitted to open multiple accounts with different alternative names. Throughout, he/she is intended to use the portfolio that placed the first Order. If the Company discovers a client who has multiple accounts, it holds the right to combine these accounte.

Order Payment

  • The cost of the Product is determined by the Firm’s pricing, and it must be paid beforehand. Only once the payment for the Product has been paid and accepted, the Company begin to handle the Order.
  • When desired, the Client may avail our instalments plan only if conditions listed below are fulfilled:
  • The minimum order should be at least $500 (USD) or more
  • As soon as the customer receives the first payment link, the first instalment of the payment should be made.

* Firm employees retain right to refuse a customer’s request to split the payment if doing so would affect the effective completion of the order also firm can temporarily halt Order completion if the instalments are not paid within a predetermined time frame until the amount owed is received.

  • Payment for order can be done via credit card, PayPal, wire transfer (that might take up to 3-14 business days), and/or consumer credit balance.
  • The platform used by the Company for all purchases is PayPal, which mandates that clients use PayPal check-out to pay for products; customers using credit cards must complete the PayPal form. These procedures are essential to complete a single transaction but do not make a permanent PayPal account.
  • The Firm is not liable for any high tech or operational problems that may arise during the payment’s handling by PayPal. Among these are, but are not confined to:
  • The transaction is being made online using an electronic check, or E-check, which is a digital equivalent of a paper receipt. The implementation of an E-check may take up to 10 days.
  • High-tech issues with the PayPal platform or Client’s Bank.

If the transaction stops working, the Client should verify his/her card balance, online purchase limitations, and card validity before reaching Support Team for guidance.


  • The Firm aims to provide fairness in Advertising and Commitment Program Discounts for each Client but these are applied to order above £25.
  • Discount codes are only applicable if the client has filled the discount code section in application form
  • The ‘First-Time Discount’ is only available once. Coupons can only be used once and cannot be merged with more offers.

Payment History Balance Of the Client

  • Individual Credit Balance is a form of payment available on the Firm’s site. The Client deposits funds, and the data is saved; these funds will also be used for future purchases. One credit equals one dollar.
  • After the funds are transferred to the Credit Balance, they can’t be return and can only be used for future purchases.

Order Processing

  • Order verification- The Firm have the right to re-check the Order details after payment to ensure that the requirements entered into the Order form correspond to what the Client entered manually. In the event of a mismatch, the Support Team will notify the Client.
  • Order mass- It is entirely evaluated in words according to the Company ethics. 275 words per double-spaced document and 550 words per single-spaced document.
  • Modification of order details- The client may modify the statement of work, but must first contact Support Team.
  • If a particular source is required to complete the work, the Client is responsible for submitting this source at the time the Order is made.
  • The Client may reach out the Writer through the Chat Service, located on the top right of the Order page (Client’s private account). The Chat System works similarly to email. The client may contact the Support team via Online Conversations, Phone, or Email.
  • Monitoring of progress. The Customer can track his or her order by logging into his or her personal account.
  • Request delivery. The Company is in charge of providing an Order requested by the Client. If more time is required to fulfill an Order, the Support Team will notify the Client who is requesting more time. This delay could be due to the task’s complexity.

Order Reconsideration

  • A decent Review request made within 14 days of Delivery time will not be billed to the Customer. After this time, the Client must pay an additional service charge.
  • The customer can request a revision using the ‘Response’ form or the ‘Any Upgrading Required’ section of their private account.
  • A free Revision is only considered reasonable if the Modification instructions match the original regulations.
  • The Modification timeframe cannot be shorter than the Order form’s initial timeframe.

Product Usage

  • Clients should not use the Products provided by Epic Assignment as their artistic creation; instead, they should use them as specimens or as examples.
  • The Firm requires Copyright laws to the letter. Any action performed by the Customer that is not in accordance with the Firm’s User agreement is the Client’s fault.

Associate Marketing

  • Enrolled clients are eligible to participate in the Firm’s Affiliate Network, which entails receiving a credit for each person you (the Customer) relate to the webpage. More knowledge about the Affiliate Network can be found in your private account.

Distinct AND UNIQUE Provisions

  • This Agreement presents a full list of all Terms and Conditions that define the Client’s and Firm’s obligations and roles. This document, its remarks, commitments, or inducements, and nothing else, is to be considered valid and adhesion. This Contract surpasses any previous written or verbal communication or agreements between the groups upon accepting the terms and Situations.
  • If a segment of the document dispute with any state law, the Customer accepts that the rest of the document will still apply. Because there is no inaccurate part of the Agreement, the Client’s duties and responsibilities remain in effect.
  • The Contract is influenced and analyzed in accordance with local regulations of the state in which the Firm is headquartered and conducts its primary business, specifically Cyprus (CY)


We place a high value on protecting our clients’ privacy. We protect your personal information safe while providing our services. We only gather such data for operational, performance evaluation, and other commercial purpose.

  • To ensure data security, the Firm operates a secure online payment system. The Firm does not store the Customer’s payment data in any way. Customers are strongly advised not to share their payment details with anyone, including Firm personnel.
  • The information obtained is never sold or shared with a foreign entity. The data will only be used to meet the client’s needs, answer their question queries and concerns.

Once the Client has made an order, the Firm will reach out to you verify that the order is delivered. The Firm will not reveal or sell the client contact information unless permitted to do so by law, such as in response to a court order.

  • The Firm is not responsible for data provided directly to the Company’s freelancers. The Firm cannot control it or give any commitments over its potential allocation.

Personal Information Recorded on Our Website

Following information that is necessary for us to provide our services:

Name, Email Address, and Phone Number or any other information pertaining to the specifics of a placed order.

Reason We Ask For Personal Information

  • We require your data to password protect account when you made purchase from us other than this we need require your academic information or extra courses details to help us select best expert for you
  • To help you stay updated about our new promotions, feedback form, surveys etc.

Data Gathered Indirectly

  • We save our chats as records so that we can use them to solve your problem. In addition, we use cookies and web beacons to track the visits, navigation, and behaviors of our site’s visitors.

How we assess your personal data

  • We only use your data for the purposes stated above and to contact you if necessary. We also use data obtained from cookies for website analysis.

Reason we might reach out to you

  • We may contact you to verify your order, to complete the order process, to inform you of new products and offers, or to respond to any questions or complaints you may have.

Why We Use Information Technology Tools

  • We use analytics tools to collect privacy and confidentiality and integrate data about how our site is used – the volume of traffic, the period of time they spend on our site, their navigational actions, and so on.

Using Our Site to Visit Third-Party Webpages

  • You can link to third-party websites from our website, but you should be aware that we do not guarantee any services they may provide you. Other than that, you are responsible for your personal data as far as our privacy policy is concerned

Protecting your personal data

  • We collect and store your information using advanced encoding and security measures. We will keep your information for as long as you use our services and/or until you request otherwise.

Requirements of age

  • Our services are available to individuals over the age of 18. We may require some additional information and data to confirm your age before you can access our website.

How to contact us

  • We have provided several ways to contact us on our website, including phone, online chat, and electronic mail. For your ease, our support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Liability Restriction

  • Upon acceptance of your terms and conditions, the client agrees not to hold our company, its team members, or its affiliates liable for any losses or damages caused by the product. Included, but not restricted to, failed computer transmissions, electronic challenges, events far beyond management of the firm, and so on.


  • Clients understand and acknowledge that the Firm has the right to change the Terms and Conditions in the Contract; as a result, they are strongly suggested to check these pages on a routine basis.